Welcome to Cue98.. the only MQP on campus with its very own pool table! This Major Qualifying project has been running since September 1997. Scheduled for completion in May of 1998.

The goal of this project is to create a computer system which will be able to acurately model a real pool game, display data about the game on the screen, and then analyze the data to either recomend the next shot, or critique the previous shot.

This project is broken up into four main sections. The interface, the vision, the lookup table, and the table model. The interface handles all interaction with the user. It draws the windows, it models the po ol table on the screen and handles communication with the back end. The Vision section handles getting the pixel data from the video camera, analyzing the data to find the pool table and balls, then determining wh at color each ball is, and where its center lies. The lookup table acts as a translator between two coordinate systems. In this case, the image coordinates as seen by teh camera, and the world coordinates, a s exists on the actual table. Finally, the table model holds all the table and ball information including what balls are on the table, their location, color, and the sizes for all the objects found on the tab le.. balls, pockets, rails..etc.

Here is our MQP Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint97 format.