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      Cue was the final project for class. We (George Campbell and I) had to make a 30 second film clip with sound and other various attributes and effects. Cue is what we came up with. We also worked on the same MQP together, and from this came our inspiration. The professor teaching Animation had some computer equipment in the lab which was also home to our MQP. Our MQP required a pool table be in the lab and the professor feared things would get out of hand and equipment would get damaged. Needless to say, no destruction occurred.

Clip Name Description Preview
Cue.avi The original film clip we turned in.
Cue_Final_Render.mp4 Film clip using the last renderings that finished too late to turn in.
Call to Order.avi The cue ball descended much to slowly in the original scene.
Rack.avi Here the rack was made to move in a more natural manner using deformations.
Charge.avi If you look closely at the original you'll see the monitor shaking oddly as the cue ball revs up and takes off towards the racked balls. This was minimized in Charge.
Fly_by.avi As the cue ball goes down the table the monitors now watch it. A motion blur effect was also added.
Split.avi This scene is missing from Cue.avi. As you can see it is still unfinished.

      All the models and materials in this film were created from scratch by either George or myself, except the pool table, chairs and a woodgrain texture map. Unfortunately, we did not have time to render the final cut of each scene in time for presentation to the class. The full length picture shows what we turned in. I've included scenes that finished after this, but have not been incorporated into a single piece yet... just so ya know...


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