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Project 4.1: Bayesian Learning

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      For this week/project, Chapter 6 1 on Bayesian Learning is to be read and mistakes in the chapter found. Below is a list of the mistakes found.

  1. Page 176:
    The reference to "Haussler et al. 1994" does not appear in the "References" section at the end of the Chapter. There is a reference to "Opper and Haussler 1991" but it also occurs on page 176. So, either the reference (1994) in the text is wrong, the reference (1991) is wrong, or the reference (1994) is missing from the Reference section of the Chapter.

  2. Page 188:
    The left side of equation 6.25 is:

    ln P ( D | h )
    wi j

    and should read:

    ln P ( D | h )
    wi j k

    This is obvious since this part of the equation is cited directly above in the text leading up to the equation.

1 See class website for references.

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