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Six students, three presentations each. Here are mine.


General Topic Papers Other Resources Presentation
Redesign & Iterative Redesign Rutgers, REDESIGN Redesign Presentation
Learning & Knowledge Compilation Keller, Redesign Plan / Diagnosis Rules
Keller, In Defense of Compilation
Davis, Form and Content in Model-Based Reasoning
Compilation Presentation


It looks like everyone will make three presentations during the semester.

However, the first two presentations are for the second meeting! I normally allow everyone 2 weeks to study the material prior to making a presentation. These systems are a little simpler, so a week's preparation should be OK.


Most classes are divided into 3 or 4 parts. Allowing 15 minutes break and 15 minutes for general "stuff", we have about 2.5 hours. Prepare for about a 30 minute talk -- there will be lots of questions and comments in the earlier sessions as we need to get some concepts clear. Preparing about 15 slides should be fine, and 20 is a max.

Remember that you need to tell us about the AI content of the work, and also what it contributes to our understanding of designing. Use diagrams, and examples. I'm happy to help with feedback if I can.

-Dave Brown (he's the professor dude)

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