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Graduate School

Graduated in May of 2004
Full-time student GPA: 4.0
Part-time and full-time combined GPA: 3.6

Completed Courses @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute

      I started my graduate academic career while still an undergraduate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI ) in December of 1996. I enrolled in WPI's BS/MS program which combines a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree into a five year program. Through this program, I earned 12 credits (out of 33 total needed) towards my Master's degree while still an undergraduate. I became a full-fledged graduate student in May of 1998. As of May 2000, I had successfully completed an additional four courses (12 credits) towards my Master's. This left only my intended Master's Thesis to complete my degree.

      In January of 2002 I came back to WPI as a full-time graduate student after being awarded a Geo. I. Alden Fellowship. During my Fellowship I completed my required course work and started upon my thesis. For the Fellowship I conducted a six month study at the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office. A technology needs assessment was done and data model and user interface technologies were developed and demonstrated. These technologies were created to show what functionality a next-generation information system for the operations of the Sheriff's Office should have. After the project was done these technologies matured into a pending patent.

      During the course of my thesis I also held a research assistant position in the CREDIA lab of the Computer Science Department and then a Research Engineer position at the Bioengineering Institute (BEI) of WPI. I also work out of BEI as a Research Scientist pursuing other patents and business opportunities for my data model and user interface technologies.

      In addition to my academic and professional efforts I accepted the position of President of the Massachusetts Alpha chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon. UPE is the internationally recognized Honor Society for the Computing Sciences. When I returned to WPI as a full-time student the UPE chapter was dormant and had been for a few years. I was asked to get things running again. As a result we held the two largest induction ceremonies in the chapter's history. It was an honor to help recognize those new members' academic and professional achievements.

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