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Keith is currently a Senior Principal Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager for BAE Systems in Technology Solutions formerly known as Alphatech, starting in 2004. Keith spent 4 years as the Chief Software Architect for Future Combat Systems (FCS) Preparation and Planning Services (PPS) Fires And Effects Planner (FEP). He spent 2 years building Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Auto Routing solutions including a high speed emergency replanner. Starting in 2012 Keith assumed direct line management duties for 6-8 engineers in addition to productizing Fusion and Tracking capabilities focusing on crafting a Software Development Eco System to enable research through high technology readiness level deployment development, software metrics collection, lower development costs, and high configurability.

Keith has also been an instructor for the Computer Science department of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) since 2004. Courses taught include:

  • CS 3043 Social Implication Of Information Processing
  • CS 525W Web Ware which deals with the issues and mechanics of building web based applications and dynamic web sites. Kapow, a web site generation system built by Keith, dynamically generates all the pages on this site.

Keith is currently working towards a PhD in Computer Science at WPI. His research focus is on automatically defining events of interest in raw time series sequence data. He also runs an incubator hosting service Kapowee for technically oriented entrepreneurs, friends and family.

Keith's previous research efforts include data modeling and automated user interface generation. He created a novel data model and user interface technology which was promoted by WPI and awarded a provisional patent. This work was inspired by a successful six month project with the MA Norfolk County Sheriff's Office for which he was awarded a Geo. I. Alden Fellowship in 2002. During 2003-2004 Keith served a one year appointment as a research engineer at WPI's Bioengineering Institute.

Keith earned his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from WPI in 2004. His Master's thesis topic was Mining Temporal Association Rules From Complex Temporal Sequence Data. The system built for his thesis, ASAS, has been in use by many other research projects at WPI since 2002. Keith and his advisor, Carolina Ruiz, have published a paper based on this work. Mining Expressive Temporal Associations from Complex Data

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in CS also from WPI, graduating with High Distinction in 1998. As an undergraduate Keith's main areas of study were artificial intelligence, computer vision, and software engineering. After completing his BS Keith worked as a performance analyst and computer scientist for EMC Corporation until 2002 when he returned to WPI as a full time graduate student.

Keith has served as President of the WPI 1998 Class Board of Directors since 1998, as President of the Mass Alpha Chapter of UPE (Upsilon Pi Epsilon, an internationally recognized computer honor society) 2002-2004 and Vice-President in 1998, as President of the Worcester Area ACM Chapter (Association for Computing Machinery) 1996-1999, and as Vice-President of the WPI Social Committee 1997-1998 administrating a $200K+ campus programming fund.


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