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Senior Principle Software Engineer / Software Engineering Manager II

BAE Systems

Daniel Jennings, Principle Software Engineer at BAE Systems
reported to Keith A. at BAE Systems

“Keith was the capability lead for component I worked on. He is an effective leader, and highly capable software engineer. Keith was able to direct and focus the team in order to ensure on-time delivery of functionality, and was always taking on responsibility and tasking in order to meet the goals. Keith's dedication and commitment to success was always apparent, and he sets good example for younger engineers to follow” May 11, 2012

Andrew Kaluzniacki, Systems and Technology Research Tech Staff
worked directly with Keith A. at BAE Systems

“Keith is a solid Software Architect and Engineer. He is able to track dozens of interrelated problems and keep the team focused on solving them in an effecient productive manner. He always has good advice on how the software should be built.” April 1, 2012

Christopher Austin, Manager, Business Development at BAE Systems
managed Keith A. at BAE Systems

“Keith served as a senior software engineering lead for the FCS PPS program. He was a very skilled, detail-oriented, and attentive software engineer who took great pride in all aspects of his work. He oversaw the efforts of multiple other software engineers and coordinated the merging of their work into cohesive and tightly integrated executables for delivery to our customer.” January 9, 2012

Greg Milette, Lead Software Engineer, BAE Systems
worked with Keith A. at BAE Systems

“Keith is a trusted friend, skilled programmer, helpful mentor, and responsive system administrator. He has keen insights that I regularly seek out and benefit immensely from.” January 6, 2011

Kris Bartol, Principal Software Engineer, Philips Medical Systems
worked directly with Keith A. at BAE Systems

“I worked with Keith on a project of about 6 months; Keith had worked on this project for several years. I found Keith to be, not only a wealth of knowledge on the system architecture and behavior (expected and otherwise), but also, always willing to share his knowledge. He has a very comfortable style of "mentoring" and explaining SW design details - either verbally or with a simple and effective diagram.
Keith is also a principled SW Engineer - always looking out for how to solve the problem the right way, not just the quickest way.” July 1, 2009

Anna Silchenko-Wei, Senior Software Engineer, BAE Systems Advanced Information Technologies
worked directly with Keith A. at BAE Systems

“I have been working with Keith for the past three years. Keith was a technical lead for the project. He generated complicated algorithms for the key software components, produced extremely high-quality code and technical documentation. His documentation style includes not just system and functional description but the design rationale as well. Keith is passionate about creating top-quality product.
Keith works well with a team. He likes to be engaged, provide guidance and share knowledge. Developers like to work with him because he explains issues very well, is very good at tackling technical problems and finding quality solutions.” September 26, 2008

Scott Halecki, Program Manager, BAE Systems - Advanced Information Technologies
managed Keith A. at BAE Systems

“Keith is a detailed-oriented engineer and is very good at listening to the customers needs and translating those needs to his peers efficiently and effectively.” September 11, 2007

Tyrone Chao, Senior Software Engineer, BAE Systems
reported to Keith A. at BAE Systems AIT (Previously Alphatech)

“Keith is very proficient in designing and managing complex software systems, and he is a great person to work with. He is able to effectively direct others, and he has been a personal mentor to me on one major project in particular.” August 2, 2007

Alex Proschitsky, Software Engineer II, BAE Systems
worked indirectly for Keith A. at BAE Systems AIT (Previously Alphatech)

“Keith Pray served a senior role on a project that I was Involved in as a developer. He was very dilligent in organization and enforcement of software engineering best practices which helped greatly in achieving our goals of delivering a high quality product. Keith is also very helpful in miscellaneous techical and organizational aspects of the project and can always be relied on for constructive guidance.” May 25, 2007

Adjunct Instructor

WPI Computer Science Department

Anton Zalutsky,
hired Keith A. as a Professor in 2009

“Keith was an inspiring teacher in Social Implications of Technology, who didn't teach from the book as much as he pursued class discussions. This excited me to come to every class and participate as much as possible. He had a lot of knowledge and prior experience to be able to play devil's advocate and offer unique cases and perspectives on the topics discussed. He was charismatic, interesting, and very knowledgeable of the subject. I'd certainly recommend Keith to anyone who admires that quality in an individual.” April 26, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Elizabeth Kelly,
hired Keith A. as a Professor in 2005

“Keith was a great teacher - he planned a project that really challenged our class and focused our skills on achieving real work results. On each topic, he was personable, ready to explain and well-versed in the concept. He was always available to answer questions and problems during non-class time as well.” November 4, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value

Joel Thibault, Software Engineer II, General Dynamics
reported to Keith A. at WPI Computer Science Department

“Keith was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor for my "Webware" course at WPI (taught on-site at General Dynamics). He always made himself available by a variety of methods to answer questions and help out. The projects were very interactive and cooperative, building on the experiences of prior assignments and those of the other students. Definitely the most enjoyable class I've taken in a while, and practical too.” August 22, 2007

Michael Gennert,
hired Keith A. as a Instructor in 2004, and hired Keith A. more than once

“I have known Keith since he was an undergraduate at WPI and have the highest regard for his abilities. He is an excellent organizer, putting together a very strong student team to work on an ambitious senior project in computer vision. He has since performed innovative research as a graduate student at WPI. I was only too glad to hire him to teach for us when the opportunity arose. Keith has my highest recommendation.” May 25, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable


Kapowee (Self-employed)

Jacob Zatzkin,
hired Keith A. as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired Keith A. more than once

“Keith has been reliable and professional programming support for my media business. His expertise is second to none and he has always helped me to complete my projects on time and error free.” August 3, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

David Koelle,
hired Keith A. as a IT Consultant in 1999, and hired Keith A. more than once

“As the owner and operator of Kapowee, Keith provides fantasic and personalized web hosting services. He's quick to respond to questions and requests, is knowledgable about the field, and is always concerned with what's best for his users. He's also open to new ideas and persuing new technologies - a plus in this ever-changing field. In summary, Keith is tops!” May 24, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Design Engineer / Performance Analyst


David Hamilton, Development Manager, EMC
managed Keith A. at EMC

“Keith worked for me as a performance engineer. His skill and attention to detail were invaluable to me as our team performed evaluations of our product and communicated how best to use the product from a performance perspective. He understood the nuances of the product and how it related to our customers and field. His knowledge went well beyond his job description. He was able to see the big picture and draw conclusions from data that escaped many. Keith was a great asset to the group and I would recommend him for any position.” November 10, 2008

Software Engineer - Summer Intern

Scope Communications, Inc.

Fanny Mlinarsky,
hired Keith A. as a software development in 1997

“Keith did some contract work for Scope Communications (now Agilent Technologies) in the summer of 1997 building graphical Java objects for the user interface of the WireScope test platform. The graphics and the general quality of his work were outstanding and I won't hesitate hiring Keith again in the future.” May 26, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


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