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      We have to read papers and critique them... but you have most likely figured that out by now with the help of the incredibly informative title. I've included links to the papers and other resources I used when possible. Feel free to have a look-see and let me know what you think of the paper, my critique or anything else that tickles your fancy.

Papers & Critiques:

General Topic Paper Other Resources Critique
Redesign & Iterative Redesign 1 Rutgers, DPMED
· Mark Schwabacher
DPMED Critique
2 Dixon, Dominic   Dominic Critique
Hierarchically Guided Refinement 3 Brown, DSPL/AIR-CYL   DSPL/AIR-CYL Critique
4 Mittal & Araya, PRIDE   Pride Critique
Configuration 5 Mittal & Frayman, COSSACK
· D. C. Brown - Configuration
COSSACK Critique
6 Birmingham, MICOM/M1 MICOM / M1 Critique
7 Wielinga & Schreiber, Configuration Survey Configuration Survey Critique
Constraint Satisfaction / Posting 8 Mittal & Falkenhainer, Dynamic CSP   Dynamic CSP Critique
9 Stefik, MOLGEN   MOLGEN Critique
Failure Handling / Conflict Resolution 10 David C. Brown, Failure Handling   Failure Handling Critique
11 Sandra Marcus & Jeffrey Stout & John McDermott, VT   VT Critique
12 Mark Klein, Conflict Resolution   Conflict Resolution Critique
Negotiation 13 Sycara, Cooperative Negotiation   Cooperative Negotiation Critique
14 Lander & Lesser, Negotiated Search   Negotiated Search Critique
15 Lander, Multiagent Survey   Multiagent Survey Critique

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Papers / Articles in chronological order

Paper Author Topic Year
MOLGEN Mark Stefik Constraint Satisfaction / Posting 1981
A Knowledge Based Approach To VLSI CAD
The Redesign System
Louis I. Steinberg & Tom M. Mitchell Redesign & Iterative Redesign 1984
Expert Systems For A Class Of Mechanical Design Activity
David C. Brown & B. Chandrasekaran Hierarchically Guided Refinement 1985
Dominic I:
Progress Towards Domain Independence In Design By Iterative Redesign
J. R. Dixon, A. Howe, P. R. Cohen & M. K. Simmons Redesign & Iterative Redesign 1986
A Constraints-Based Expert System for Configuration Tasks
F. Frayman & S. Mittal Configuration 1987
A Knowledge-Based Framework For Design
Sanjay Mittal & Agustin Araya Hierarchically Guided Refinement 1988
Expert System Approach In Design Of Mechanical Components
Rutgers Redesign & Iterative Redesign 1988
Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems
(Dynamic CSP)
Sanjay Mittal & Brian Falkenhainer Constraint Satisfaction / Posting 1990
Cooperative Negotiation in Concurrent Engineering Design
(Cooperative Negotiation)
Katia P. Sycara Negotiation 1990
Automating the Design of Computer Systems
(MICOM / M1)
Anurag P. Gupta, William P. Birmingham & Daniel P. Siewiorek Configuration 1992 (revised)
Customizing Distributed Search Among Agents with Heterogeneous Knowledge
(Negotiated Search)
Susan E. Lander & Victor R. Lesser Negotiation 1992
Configuration-Design Problem Solving
(Configuration Survey)
Bob Wielinga & Guus Schreiber Configuration 1997
Issues in Multiagent Design Systems
(Multiagent Survey)
Susan E. Lander Negotiation 1997

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03-DSPL Air-Cyl
07-Configuration Survey
08-Dynamic CSP
10-Failure Handling
12-Conflict Resolution
13-Cooperative Negotiation
14-Negotiated Search
15-Multiagent Design
17-CBR Survey
19-A Design
23-Analogy Creativity Survey
24-Algorithm Design
28-Plan Compilation
29-ML Survey
30-Strain Gauge
32-Config GA
33-Functional First
34-Functional CBR
35-Functional Survey
37-First Principles
38-Config Spaces
39-Task Analysis

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